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Mechatronics Course

Mechatronics Course

Story of Mechatronics Course in Don Bosco Technological College, Bangkok, Thailand.

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On July 13, 2020, the Secretary of Minister of Education, OVEC and other 16 high ranking government officers visited Don Bosco Technological College in Bangkok to inspect the preparation of the new Mechatronics Course in order to approve the request of implementation in 2021.


A reason of opening a new vocational course in Mechatronics because nowadays modern technology changes rapidly and needs more students who have got this kind of technical skills to work with the robots in the industries.  Currently, DBTC’s mechanic students hardly either to get their job or further their study because the requirements of having mechatronics training.  Therefore, DBTC has decided to assist the students to prepare themselves for this new requirement.

DBTC takes a five-year programme of German Dual Vocation Education and Training Level A (from grades 10-12 and two years of Diploma course) to provide a good opportunity for the poor students to gain their better quality of living.  DBTC is the first college to use this programme in Thailand.

DBTC has been working closely with the German Chamber in Thailand to prepare this programme such as, preparing the curriculum according to the German standard, training teachers, arranging the practice rooms according to the German standard, selecting the educational aids from Germany with license to be reproduced in DBTC and translating the German text books into Thai and printing them at DBTC. DBTC will reproduce all educational aids by itself for the training of the students.

In addition to this, DBTC has been working closely with other college who has been implementing the Mechatronics Course at Diploma level in order to learn and gain more experience.  Further more, DBTC is also seeking more cooperation with King Mongkut University of Technology (former German Technical College) to provide intensive course for Don Bosco‘s teachers on Mechatronics and having a joint-project in Diploma course to admit DB’s graduates to continue their Bachelor degree without having entrance examination at the Faculty of Mechatronics.

Don Bosco Technological College is very much grateful to Don Bosco Mondo for the support to make this project possible for the poor students of Don Bosco Technological College in Thailand to have a better future.

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