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Our Programs

Don Bosco Tech ASEAN TVET Centers develop the featured programs like computer, motorcycle automotive, car automotive, carpentry, English, electricity, air conditioning, welding, lathe, etc


Automotive Servicing

Motorcycle Automotive Program


Air Conditioning System Program

This program is a part of Electricity Department. Especially, students learn and understand the AC system, construction, maintenance and repair


Vietnam's Don Bosco TVET Programs/Courses

The Vietnamese government has made vocational and technical training one of its primary goals in its own development policy


Animal Production NC II (Swine, Poultry/Chicken, and Ruminants)

Students taking this course must learn to handle breeders, farrow sows and sucklings, as well as raise weanlings and produce finishers.


Automotive Servicing NC I

All students need to perform basic engine servicing, including removal and installation of vehicle components.


Machining NC II

Students can proceed to this Level II and must be able to set up and operate a variety of machine tools to perform advanced precision machining operations.

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