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The Pedagogical Skills Training of Vietnam TVET

The Pedagogical Skills Training of Vietnam TVET

Teaching skills improvement is a good tool for teaching activities

By PDO Vietnam

Don Bosco Tech Asean - Vietnam (News) – By the demand professional field to update the pedagogical skills expertise for teachers at Don Bosco Vocational Training Centers, Don Bosco Tech Asean has sponsored the project to help the VTCs’ activities become more effective for the trainees.

From July 09-20, 2019, holding a Pedagogical Training course to support professional skills for teachers in 4 Don Bosco Vocational Training Center (VTC) in this field at the Provincial House of  Salesians of Don Bosco Vietnam.

This is the first time Don Bosco Tech Asean “agree upon the modalities of granting financial assistance to the project” Development of a network to improve vocational training in seven (+1) ASEAN countries.

DON BOSCO MONDO herewith declares and obliges “to provide funds according to project budget in several installments as requested by the respective country/province representations of Don Bosco Tech ASEAN, and to provide Don Bosco Tech ASEAN with assistance and guidance in the implementation of the project”.

Fr. Pham Ba Hung, Executive Director of PDO of SDB Vietnam province, in contact with experts in this field to organize for this activity. With his experience in implementation of various projects, various scales in different matters, he called for many partners and experts to plan for this activity. Besides, he discussed with the local VTC to arrange time to send participants to join into this course.

By having supported by the professors of the University Technology and Education (UTE) of HCM City, in these days, 15 participants received good skills; they felt more confident after the course. Through this course, it could contribute to the indicator of the number of trainers qualified in the objective plan. These participants are now playing role in each local VTC to practice what they digest from this course to improve their centers.

After this course Br. Phuoc said: “when I heard that there would be a project for this skill, I tried to learn in order to be more effective for developing lesson plans. Based on the knowledge imparted by professors in the field, make the course easier to understand.

Then, Br. Dat said: “The experiences transmitted by Professor help me to consolidate the basic knowledge to be more creative in teaching activities”.

Br. Khanh shared that he was very happy to study this course. With this knowledge, “I will be more confident in teaching activities to bring better knowledge to students”.

This has been designated as a project and will not be coordinated by the DoLISA, local centers. It is, rather, a Project run initiative for the benefit of the poor young trainees in these Asean countries.

For more information on Officer Hours, please contact with PDO office at (+84) 975340345.

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