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Survey and e-Learning Continuity in times of COvid-19

Survey and e-Learning Continuity in times of COvid-19

The event will be held on July 24, 2020


The effect of COVID-19 to various sectors around the world cannot be overemphasized. Not only the government and economic sectors are working hard to find solutions to the problems that are projected to have long term effects, but likewise the TVET sector that has experienced unequalled disruptions at modern time. The repeated reports on the absence of the needed vaccine as a cure to halt the pandemic with still unknown period for clinical testing of candidate research related solutions echo loudly to the public. Mindful of the health implications and the indispensable need to support students to learn, TVET centers nonetheless are called into action.

But TVET will never be the same again. TVET has always been done through face-to-face delivery mode, sometimes in tandem with online learning, for some who can afford the technology, connectivity and knowledge requirements. Considering that the conduct of training sessions in centers pose great risks to students under the current condition, it is understandable that parents are heavily worried with training as earlier defined and TVET centers need to offer them feasible options for instructional delivery.


Government agencies for education recognize the need to provide undisrupted opportunities for learning to students despite the COVID-19 pandemic and have correspondingly made statements on the need for flexible/alternative delivery mechanisms for implementing their programs. Thus, they have formulated their  guides for schools in developing their respective Learning Continuity Plans (LCPs).


This survey intends to guide the TVET centers in preparing their learning continuity plans and strategies for laying out their programs for the coming school year 2020-2021 with data-based information from the school, teachers, students and their parents. It provides for suggestions on the following important elements for school planning:

  1. scanning the environment – which includes data collection and analysis
  2. educational technology affordances
  3. flexible learning options
  4. assessment
  5. stakeholder engagement

Schools that will transition from face-to-face instruction to flexible learning are expected to be helped by results of this survey through the basic information provided on the five important elements. In each of these elements for school planning, the survey results will provide guidance to questions on what to know, what to check and what to do, among others.


The work on scanning requires going through the process of doing three separate surveys to intended respondents to generate information from the school, teachers, students and their parents. The analysis of data from these groups of respondents would provide a good estimate and confidence level for TVET  centers in determining the most appropriate flexible learning options for their instructional delivery programs.

The scanning process being presented provides for an easy-to-follow and practical procedure for TVET centers to do in three steps. The Yeban Ogena Bedural Scanning System (YOBSS) serves as the framework for discussing the process and analysis of data using existing productivity tools.


Share this email to your respective TVET center officials and they should facilitate the conduct of the survey to each respondent group. Just click on the link beside the survey group to launch the survey form in Google Forms.

Here are the links for each survey form:

1. Survey for school
2. Survey for teachers
3. Survey for Students with their parents

Kindly accomplish the survey on or before 22 July 2020.  

We also would like to invite you for an e-Learning Continuity on  24 July 2020 at 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM  via Zoom regarding the Impact of COVID 19 Pandemic on TVET in ASEAN and Development of the Learning Continuity Plan.  The webinar will be in English. Details regarding the webinar will be communicated to you as the date draws near. 

To attend the webinar, please click this link to register.

For further questions, please feel free to contact us.  Looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with you

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