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SEAMEO SEAMOLEC Network Meeting, 25 October 2019, Jakarta

SEAMEO SEAMOLEC Network Meeting, 25 October 2019, Jakarta


On Friday, October 25, 2019, a meeting of institutions was held in collaboration with the SEAME SEAMOLEC Institute. The meeting was held at the SEAMOLEC office, Open University Complex, Jl. Cabe Raya Pondok Cabe, Pamulang - Tangerang Selatan. The meeting was attended by more than 30 participants and more than 19 institutions or institutions in the fields of Education, government, NGOs, and human resource development.

The purpose of this meeting is to get to know each other between institutions in order to establish mutually beneficial cooperation and accelerate the achievement of the results/objectives of the Institute. In addition, with this meeting, it is expected that together with Seameo Seamolec can Arrange a Joint work plan as a follow-up to the MoU that has been carried out by each Institution with Seameo Seamolec.

Moderated by Mr. Victor as Marketing Deputy and chaired by Mr. Yoni Utomo as Deputy Director of Administration, this meeting lasts from afternoon to evening. Seameo Seamolec presented his business and activities related to systems that support Education, specifically distance learning by developing various Education programs and facilities in that direction. To further enhance the introduction of the Institute, each participant introduces the institution and the main business. By knowing each other and knowing the business activities of each institution, the participants can collaborate with each other in the development of each institution.

At the end of the meeting, the participants can communicate with each other and try to build a working relationship that is relevant and effective for each participant. Because of the importance of such meetings, it is hoped that further meetings will be held that can increase the intensity of inter-institutional cooperation, and will be further developed by inviting wider participants.

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