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Philippine - Thailand Benchmarking and Memorandum Signing Activity

Philippine - Thailand Benchmarking and Memorandum Signing Activity

Don Bosco Tech ASEAN successfully concluded its Philippines – Thailand Benchmarking and Memorandum of Understanding Signing Activity, as the network strengthens its external relations and quality assurance. The activity is to compare the standards and performance with technical vocational education and training in the region, especially in the field of automotive, mechanical, and electromechanics for the diploma program. As it allows the training centers to monitor their relative performance, identify gaps, seek fresh approaches to bring about improvements, set goals, establish priorities for change and resource allocation, and follow through with change processes based on empirical evidence.

DB Tech ASEAN also sees benchmarking as an important part of the process of quality improvement, through which different countries' TVET centers are able to share best practices

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